Major Points about Lexington Law

Nov 28

This is a professional credit report correction law firm. They will work under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute the incorrect information on your credit report for you. They do not have a magic wand however in 2010 they did remove over 1 million items from their clients credit reports.

The Expense

With Lexington Law you have a $99 upfront payment, this acts like a retainer fee. You then can pay $49 up to $99 a month, depending on the level of service you choose. Typically you can expect to stay in the service from 6 to 12 months, but everyone’s credit situation is different so there is no guarantees.visit their site

What Do I Have To Do?

Once you enroll all you need to do is pass along your credit report to Lexington Law, you’ll need all 3 of your reports. Then you need to tell them what items you want them to challenge and remove from your credit history.

Now you check your mailbox and wait for communications from the credit bureaus. They will notify you of the results of their investigation by either updating the information or removing the items from your credit history. Experts estimate that over 70% of all bureau investigations result in the deletion of the item being investigated.You next need to forward along these communications to Lexington Law. You’re going to be assigned a paralegal to work on your case and should you need legal representation they have 22 credit lawyers on staff. You can check in anytime with your paralegal to find out the progress on your credit history. If you have an item that cannot be removed, you still have options. This law firm can use other methods such as escalated dispute requests and court intervention if needed.

What Else Do I Get?

If you have any outstanding debts you can forward this information along and Lexington Law will help. They first are going to request debt validation. This requires the debt collector to provide legal proof that they own your debt. Commonly collection agencies are unable to provide this and if that is your situation then you don’t have to pay the debt and the item is easily removed from your credit history.

If they are able to verify the debt you can still get help in negotiating a settlement payment in exchange for the agency to stop reporting your information to the bureaus. In other words you can get assistance in negotiating any outstanding debts and making sure that you’re protecting your credit and taking actions to improve your credit score.

It would be intelligent to weigh all your options before making any decisions. Everyone has a unique situation and there is no one answer fits all category when it comes to recovering from past financial mistakes. However it is important that you understand you can take action to have negative information removed from your credit reports. You don’t just have to live with these items on your credit file for seven long years.